BDSA looks for people who view social enterprise and the private sector as the key to unlocking the potential of Africa.

We are seeking professionals who will fit on our team, and who align with our values, which are at the root of everything that we do.

Our team is diverse and yet united. Some of our knowledge, skills and attitudes are as follows:


Whether working with a start-up or a large agribusiness, we are problem seekers and innovative problem solvers. We actively look for opportunities and even view challenges and obstacles as opportunities for change. We catalyze movement, excite innovation, strive for excellence and don’t let fear of failure get in our way.


Learning is never over. Every day, every new problem and every new task is an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. Each consultant appreciates the value of knowledge and the opportunity that is presented as part of the team to continuously grow and learn. Learn more about development, business, and even themselves.

Embody Respect

We acknowledge, are curious about and adapt to local norms, customs and values whilst never forgetting or compromising our own. We have the mindset that we are all of equal worth; we respect everyone from the farmer to the CEO of the business.


Consultants are flexible and adaptable to working in new environments. They approach their difference with others with open-minded curiosity.

Strive for Excellence

Don’t call this perfectionism, because nothing can be perfect. Striving for excellence with our clients involves seeing them not as they are, but for what they could be. We seek out the best solutions for our client through inclusive approaches, short and long-term priorities and leading sector innovation. We also strive for excellence in our personal lives, believing that for consultants to be effective change makers, they must first be happy healthy people that lead sustainable lifestyles.

Intelligent and Invested

The people we hire are smart, though what makes them intelligent is their embodiment of the values set above and it’s their fiery passion that brings goals of poverty alleviation to life. They practice humility, they respect themselves and others and they do not pass up the opportunity to learn and grow.

If you nodded your head to some or all of the statements above, you are most likely a great fit for our growing team. If you find that after you’ve read our vision, our values and seen glimpses of our work you start to dance, then we definitely want to hear from you. Our staff are our most valuable asset (and are currently all awesome), which is why we are looking only for the best to add to our growing team.

Current opportunities will be posted below. Please check back if nothing is posted for now, we put up postings as the need arises.

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