The key to understanding what we do is to also understand how we do it.

  • Long-Term Professional Advice

At BDSA, we dive deep into your business. We want to understand how everything works, from customer relations and product development to your corporate culture.  Generally we favor embedding our consultants into your business for a year because this allows us to co-create solutions with your teams and to have the time to implement, test and iterate on the solutions needed for your business to succeed.

  • Reports Aren’t Deliverables

We don’t believe in the reports for the sake of reporting, we believe in solutions and impact so we will work alongside your staff to increase efficiency, transparency and transfer of skills. In fact, the benefit to having an embedded consultant is in having  recommendations put into action. Consultants should leave with measurable results to show for their time and effort.

  • Ensuring Sustainability

It is pivotal that when our staff leaves, the business can continue to thrive on its own. Part of the responsibility in providing our service is to ensure that the business has sufficient management and technical capacity to absorb and continue what we implement.

  • Providing Functional Expertise

Our service to clients extends far beyond your embedded consultant. Engineers Without Borders’ network of members numbers over 50,000, and we regularly draw upon this group for resources and expertise. Your business strategy will be developed from a full team, including your embedded consultant, management team, and drawing in technical and functional experts where needed.