Partners and Clients

BDSA’s success is attributed to partnerships with international and local organizations who contribute innovative and expert knowledge, tools and experience to make BDSA’s impact on its client fall within world class standards.


BDSA has been a partner with Engineers Without Borders Canada since its founding in 2011. It shares EWB’s goals of unlocking the root causes of poverty and inequality and creating systemic, lasting change. EWB has graciously supported BDSA with the recruitment of international professionals, training methodologies in business acumen, systems thinking and innovative design, and participation in the expansive EWB network of  30,000 innovators around the globe.

BDSA has been a partner with Musika Development Initiatives since 2015. It shares Musika’s objective of facilitating market linkages between smallholder farmers and the private sector and helps Musika to carry out this objective through technical assistance in shared value business models offered to agribusinesses. Musika has been a strong local advocate for promoting BDSA’s activities and approach through thought partnership, financial support and mechanisms to de-risk initial investments in shared value solutions for private sector clients of BDSA.


BDSA has worked with a number of corporate clients in the agriculture, finance and energy sector.